Аренда яхт — CALISTO

Год выпуска яхты: 1944 г.

Опубликовано: 13.04.2011
Лот: №23725


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Лето: Юго-Восточная Азия Тайланд Зима: Юго-Восточная Азия

Продавец: Flotilia.Com

Тел.: 580-07-08

Web-сайт: www.flotilia.com

E-mail: mailbox@flotilia.com

Спортивное оборудование :


Hard bottom inflatable 5.5m with 115 HP four stroke Yamaha.

Hard bottom inflatable 3.2m with 15 HP Yamaha.

Toys: 2 x donuts, 1 sea canoe hard body insurmesible 2.8m, 2 x sea-doo
seascooter explorer, Dive propulsion vehicle, Snorkeling gear, Fishing
equipment, BBQ

Комментарии :

Built in 1944 for the US Navy Calisto was originally an IMS 1 class minesweeper
who was transferred upon is completion to serve the Royal Navy of Great
Britain. After World War II and the decade of glorious service her voyage soon
began to take on a new course.

In 1954, she was bought over Mr. Thomas Loel Guinness the Irish tycoon and
former MP, who was owned the famed La Calipso Jacques Cousteau. Under Mr.
Guinness the decade of involvement the designer layout, Calisto was brilliantly
transformed into this personal luxury yacht. Just like La Calipso her sister
vessel, Calisto was and still is about old world charm and height sea
exploration. She catered to the boating pleasure and well-heeled. She sailed
the waters of Greece and Britain, roamed the seas of Antibes and Sicily and all
over Europe in style. Often in the company of celebrities and politicians.
Several years after, the sought-after was purchased by a prestigious French
family who then kept and maintained the vessel for the next 40 over

Summer cruising area :   South-East Asia

Winter cruising area :   South-East Asia

critère par defaut :  Phuket, Thailand

Длина габаритная 41.50 м
Ширина габаритная 7.40 м
Двигатель Caterpillar
Мощность 2х500
Круизная скорость 11 узлов
Максимальная скорость 13 узлов
Осадка 3.00 м
Пассажировместимость 18
Число спальных мест 12
Число кают 6
Тип яхты: